Love, Society and Planets


When I see, read, hear and sometimes observe the news… I don’t feel fine. When I go to conferences to hear experts talking about pressing issues say, racism, discrimination, immigration, suicide, drugs, the alt-right thing, women’s rights, kids’ rights, elders’ rights and, in general the relationships between people and its government and, I gain knowledge about those pressing issues, I feel worse! Dang, sometimes I wish I could stay ignorant and naïve about these inventions and discoveries so, I don’t have to endure any negative emotion but, I am already Mexican and my bio is not going to look very good if I say I am Mexican, ignorant and naïve, is it?

LOVE has many angles, sides and applications. However, today I’m reflecting a little bit on the LOVE in our society. How much LOVE do we put in our life as society? Is there LOVE in our communities? If so, what is the role of LOVE in our society? Allow me to venture some answers or, at least comments, on these questions.

In trying to answer these questions, I could start by offering a definition of LOVE but, instead, I share a reverse definition by telling you about a situation where LOVE is not present: definition by omission, kind of thing 

Consider this. Year: *1968. Month: October: Day: 2. Place: Mexico City. Event: a student massacre. Months or I should say years before October 2nd, the Mexican government, like any other “good” government, kept on abusing Mexican people in many ways. However, that day the government decided to stop a student protest using bullets. These students, as many students around the world, were asking for freedom, civil rights, changes and reforms in the political, social and educational arenas. A protest of 10,000 high school and college students was ended with thousands killed or injured. I see no LOVE here. The police also arrested some 1,400 students. I know I am missing many details of the story here but this picture illustrates the type of situation that all of us have faced in one way or another. Dear reader, isn’t it sad that even before I meet you in person, I already know that you have faced some type of social violence in your life? When I meet you, we can easily do some small talk on social violence. Again, when it comes to our society, where is the LOVE?

Moral: LOVE can’t be expressed with bullets or more, specifically, LOVE can’t be expressed by shooting bullets into students protesting the limitations imposed by a government. Other moral would be “the greatness of the content of our lives depends on how much LOVE we put on them”.

Another question: why do our societies lack LOVE? Since every person is a universe, I don’t think I can provide a definite answer to this but, as I say before, I would venture some brief reflections:

1.- Schools are not helping much. In rural areas and small districts, people get more connected. Parents, kids and teachers know each other and they show themselves some love but, how much social LOVE is taught?

2.- We are immersed in this life style where quickest is best. Things in the order of drive-through, cell phones, apps, Uber, express service, fast cash, same day tax return are guiding our lives. We have fall into the vicious cycle of making more to spend more ASAP. Maybe this is part of the reason why most humans use LOVE to meet their psychological and sexual needs, only and, quickly. In this sense our bodies, not our hearts or souls, are becoming of an object, something to buy and sell. This is nothing new, you are right, however there are two kind of new elements in this phenomena. One, the social media multiplies this operation by the millions. Two, no one is scared or scandalized. This is now part of part of our lives. There are millions of people visiting porn sites right now who are not necessarily looking for LOVE. According to the **Psychology Today magazine “For 2017, PornHub claims 28.5 billion total visits. That’s 81 million a day, almost 4 million an hour, 56,000 a minute.”

3.- Call me crazy but I think LOVE in our society is not an aspiration. Think about the messages you and your children receive from the society. LOVE this car, this house, this drink, this trip, this cell phone, this stock market, this object or the other one over there. We talk more about loving something that loving someone. Our souls are getting blind. 

4.- The media is not helping. I don’t think so. The reason is simple, no one stars a media business to spread LOVE. The number one goal of a media outlet is money. The media reports profitable news. Planting trees is not on the news because who follows that? 1out of 30 people? And that one person is dead already! Respecting human rights, putting women at the same level with men, people writing poetry or creating art, finding ways to listen our children, being fair to the LGBTQ community, etc., is stuff that one cares about. Reporting homicides, mass shootings, drugs dealing, people breaking the law, terrorism, anything along these lines would be appropriate if you want to make money. If you are trying to instill LOVE in your community, around your people, the media in its current state, won’t help much. Yes, there are exceptions but exception means minority. 

That is my partial list. We can name a number of things happening right now that can demonstrate how much LOVE we need in our communities. The government is a creature unable to see us as humans. Robots are on their way to substitute humans. Social Media keeps stealing our secrets. Rich companies and businesses are killing the environment generating tons of trash and poisonous gases by the minute. LOVE is a force to build, to create, to see things under a more human perspective. Many great things in human history happened out of LOVE. We need to remember our good lessons. We need to protect our souls. In the very old days, Greeks use to see the Universe as a model of perfection. The rotation of the planets was not accident but a conversation with ***themselves. They saw in the planets and the stars a live geometry: order, balance, positive energy, harmony, symmetry. The societies of humans should imitate the societies of planets. We should walk as stars and fly like comets. But, we can’t. Copying the honesty and the rectitude of the solar system is becoming harder and harder or like it was stated previously, it is not even an aspiration. Is this the solution I propose? No necessarily. I wasn’t trying to be romantic either. I’m just trying to make my point and, in a way, spread LOVE and hope. We are still alive. Things can be made. We can wake up early in the morning, get some coffee, stare at the sky and remember that planets and humans have the same ingredients, the same soul. We should honor that. Societies should honor that.

*Here is a link to more 1968 events:

 ** Psychology Today article:

*** La llama doble. Octavio Paz. Galaxia Gutenberg. 2014

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