What is photography? Frozen time, crystallized moment, eternal instant, irrevocable past made present, visual memory, feelings exposed on paper, a fortunate mixture of light and darkness.



Tacos. Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. August 11, 2017. Pepe Caudillo.



Eclipsed Shadows. Raleigh, NC. August 21, 2017. Pepe Caudillo.


IMG_4122.jpgMexico City. 2017. Pepe Caudillo.

IMG_3589.jpg“Future Artist”. Raleigh, NC. 2017. Pepe Caudillo

Frame-07-07-2018-08-20-45Raleigh, NC. 2017. “Raleigh Rockers Block Party”. Pepe Caudillo.

IMG_0496 Greensboro, NC. June 2016. Pepe Caudillo.

IMG_3636.jpgAtlantic City, NJ. September, 2017. Pepe Caudillo.

Ash.jpgAsheville, NC. March 2016. Pepe Caudillo

IMG_0836.jpgAsheville, NC. March 2016. Pepe Caudillo.